Conquering Continents in Risk: Strategies for Total Domination


Risk, the classic board game of global conquest, is a strategic battle of armies and diplomacy. One of the key elements that can propel you to victory is the control of entire continents. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of dominating continents in Risk and provide insights into continent-specific strategies. Understanding the value of continent control and employing effective strategies can make all the difference in your quest for world domination.

The Significance of Controlling Entire Continents

Controlling entire continents offers players a range of strategic advantages that can significantly impact the outcome of the game. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Continent Bonuses: The primary benefit of controlling a continent is the bonus armies it provides at the beginning of your turn. These bonus armies can help you strengthen your positions, launch offensives, or bolster your defenses.
  2. Security and Boundaries: Owning an entire continent gives you secure boundaries that are harder for opponents to breach. This provides stability and makes it more challenging for others to encroach on your territory.
  3. Eliminating Rivals: By capturing and controlling continents, you can weaken opponents and potentially eliminate them from the game. This not only reduces the competition but also earns you their Risk cards, which can be used for further advantage.

Continent-Specific Strategies

Different continents in Risk have distinct geographic and strategic characteristics. Here are strategies tailored to specific continents:

1. Asia: The Rewarding Challenge

  • Asia Bonus: Controlling Asia provides seven bonus armies, making it one of the most lucrative continents in Risk.
  • Challenge: Asia is challenging to conquer due to its numerous territories and borders. As a strategy, try to secure Asia early in the game, especially if you have a good starting position.
  • Defend Carefully: Once you control Asia, defend it carefully to secure your bonus armies and protect your position.

2. Africa: The Balanced Option

  • Africa Bonus: Africa offers a balanced bonus of three armies, making it a strategic continent to conquer.
  • Accessibility: Africa is accessible from various directions, making it relatively easy to conquer. As a strategy, consider securing Africa early in the game as it provides a valuable bonus with moderate effort.
  • Watch for Threats: Due to its accessibility, Africa is often a target for opponents. Watch for incoming attacks and reinforce your territories as necessary.

3. South America: A Quick Win

  • South America Bonus: South America offers a manageable bonus of two armies, making it a quick and feasible continent to control.
  • Isolation: South America is somewhat isolated from the rest of the continents, which can work to your advantage. As a strategy, prioritize South America if you have a chance for early conquest.
  • Defend Vigilantly: While it’s an easier continent to conquer, South America can also be a target for others. Defend it vigilantly to maintain your bonus armies.

4. North America: The Strategic Stronghold

  • North America Bonus: North America provides a significant bonus of five armies, making it a powerful continent to control.
  • Choke Points: North America has limited entry points, making it easier to defend. As a strategy, focus on capturing North America if you have a strong starting position or as a later-game objective.
  • Maintain Control: Defend North America resolutely, as it offers a substantial bonus and secures your northern front.

5. Australia: A Secure Foundation

  • Australia Bonus: Australia offers a modest bonus of two armies, making it a secure continent to control.
  • Isolation: Australia is isolated, with few entry points, making it easier to conquer. As a strategy, secure Australia early for a steady flow of bonus armies.
  • Create a Stronghold: Once you control Australia, use it as a stronghold to launch offensives or defend more valuable continents.

Conclusion: Strategic Dominance through Continent Control

Controlling entire continents is a central element of success in Risk. The strategic benefits of continent bonuses, security, and weakening opponents cannot be overstated. By understanding the unique characteristics of each continent and applying continent-specific strategies, you can position yourself for world domination in the classic game of Risk. So, plan your conquests, seize continents, and conquer the world with strategic brilliance and tactical genius.

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